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Attractions Nearby Cerulean Hotel

Nearby Attractions

Your Guide to Klamath Falls Top Attractions

Klamath Falls is a vibrant city to explore, home to breathtaking natural parks, geological wonders, cultural landmarks, and historical museums. Each attraction offers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of this region, ensuring an enriching experience for everyone. 
Moore Park At Klamath Falls Oregon

Moore Park

A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, the park offers picturesque trails for hiking and biking. Nestled along the shores of Klamath Lake, it's perfect for picnics, bird watching, and enjoying panoramic views. The park also features tennis courts, disc golf, and playgrounds.
Ross Ragland Theater At Klamath Falls Oregon

Ross Ragland Theater

Showcasing diverse performances, this theatre stands as a cultural beacon in Klamath Falls. Marvel at the theater's stunning architecture and state-of-the-art facilities and enjoy live shows, concerts, film screenings, or community events. 
Crater Lake National Park At Klamath Falls Oregon

Crater Lake National Park

Renowned for its azure lake and stunning vistas, this park offers a unique blend of awe-inspiring natural beauty and recreational activities. Explore hiking trails, participate in ranger-led programs, or enjoy scenic boat tours.

Lava Beds National Monument At Klamath Falls Oregon

Lava Beds National Monument

Experience the intriguing volcanic landscape with over 700 caves, Native American rock art sites, historic battlefields, and campsites. This is an adventure-rich destination for spelunking, hiking, and learning about geological and historical aspects.
The Baldwin Hotel Museum At Klamath Falls Oregon

The Baldwin Hotel Museum

Step back in time at this historic 1900s hotel turned museum. Each room captures a different aspect of early 20th-century life, filled with antiques and artifacts, offering an immersive glimpse into the past.

The Klamath County Museum At Klamath Falls Oregon

The Klamath County Museum

Explore the region's rich history and diverse natural environment. See exhibits from Native American culture to local wildlife, providing educational insights for all ages.

Favell Museum At Klamath Falls Oregon

Favell Museum

Favell Museum is a celebration of Native American artifacts and Western art. The extensive collection includes prehistoric stone tools, baskets, pottery, and notable paintings, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of the American West.

Collier Memorial State Park At Klamath Falls Oregon

Collier Memorial State Park

An outdoor enthusiast's haven, this park offers lush scenery, camping, fishing, and hiking opportunities. The park also features a unique outdoor museum displaying historic logging equipment, adding a touch of history to your nature exploration.
Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course - Running Y Ranch Resort At Klamath Falls Oregon

Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course - Running Y Ranch Resort

Golfers can revel in the beauty and challenge of the Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course at Running Y Ranch Resort. This championship course blends stunning landscapes with a thoughtful design.

Veterans Memorial Park At Klamath Falls Oregon

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park is a serene and respectful tribute to military service. Its peaceful setting is ideal for reflection and appreciation, and it also hosts various community events and memorials.